The Key To Get Your Ex Back ...
There Are No "Magic" Tricks.  There is Only LOVE.
Posted by TJ:

But If Done Correctly, You Will Have In Your Hands Right Now, The Core Key To Recapture Your Lover's Heart...

"No Contact Rule To Get Your Ex Back"

Your ex is equally confused as your are, though they don't seem so this is why the "No Contact" rule works to get your ex back.

Overwhelming your lover will just add to the confusion or worse make them stand their ground and push you farther away.

After your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you:


  • Never see them to ask if they have changed their mind.
  • Never breakdown and profess your love over and over.
  • Never react with intense feelings around them like;
    • beg
    • pressure
    • harrass
    • cajole
    • make promises
    • call every member of their family & friends and ask them to take your side.

The No Contact Rule To Get Your Ex Back Is MORE Important To Follow If A Third-party Is Involve

If you bombard your ex with your neediness dripping all over you, I'm sorry but you don't stand a chance coming out on top.

Why "No Contact" rule works during a break up?

You may not completely understand it right now but this No Contact to get your ex back strategy will help you BOTH resolve the confusion and gives you a greater chance to get your ex back.

Stop pressing. Stop asking questions. Stop wriggling out any assurance.

People aren't attracted to desperation because it is seen as a burden and a chore. Similarly, people are attracted to independence, forward thinking and determination.

Pray for patience because this is a huge task you need to do if you want to be together again. This will take some effort.

Give them the space they need. The quiet moments to truly hear their hearts.

Let your ex learn about TRUE love. Don't get in the way.

Little by little you will begin to realize the extreme importance of your overall plan that you quiet yourself and have CONTROL. Have the confidence that what your beloved is going through will pass.

Your NO CONTACT Rules:

  • First, give yourself 30 days.
  • No Contact includes not looking at pictures, or anything that reminds you of your time together.
  • Do not go to places that you used to frequent with your ex or they will go to, hoping to "accidentally" bump into them.
  • Never tell your ex that you want NC. Let your actions speak for you.
  • If your ex contacts you (phone, email, text message) unless it's a matter of life and death, you can NOT respond. PERIOD.  (They noticed you're not around.  Your lover would retreat again once they got the SECURITY of knowing you're still there silently waiting.  NOT good!  Let go.  Your ex has a line in the water.  Don't bite!)
  • Whatever you do...don't reply!  Don't give them the opportunity to make you feel desperately sad, AGAIN!  Stay in charge.  Keep the power.  Keep control.  Keep NC.
  • Everyday, write how you feel and what happened with your day.
  • In moments of weakness, call for back up.  Get some friends over or see if you can make a trip to a friend's place.
  • After 30 days, read your journal and write something based on what you felt on the first day and how you feel 30 days after.

Imagine, for a moment, that it's a month from today... your guy or gal will be the one pulling all the stops just to hear your voice or receive even a simple "hello" text message from you.

When you're done with your No Contact to get your ex back, you can start to reply to your lover's phone messages or email if it "deserves" a reply.

Be Sure That Each Communication Does HONOR To You.

  • Make it quick replies.  
  • Just be polite.  
  • Answer what is asked in the shortest phrase possible.  
  • As long as you feel you are making less effort than your ex, you're doing good.

REMINDER: You should NOT just use the No Contact rule as a bargaining chip to get your ex back. I told you, this isn't about "game playing"

This is also YOU showing and teaching other people in your quiet dignified way how you should be treated without saying a word.

Don't overthink stuff, if you do, you'll get nowhere. What is laid out before you is the EXACT process that realistically helped others recapture their lover's heart - copy it and you will also get their results.





Stop Begging
Stop Getting Rejected
Train Anyone To Act The Way You Want
Know Exactly What To Do
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Heal Your Relationship
Instant Reconnection

Dear TW, 

Thank you for the emails, The magic of making up with your ex has worked wonders for my relationship. 

My partner and i have got back together now and are taking each day as it comes. IT WAS AMAZING how well your advise helped me,

Thankyou so much! Please keep in touch.

Yours sincerely

Queensland Australia


"I quit talking to him (strict NC), made him miss me and it wasn't until he realized that I was gone for good did he come back to me. 

No begging, no pleading, no crying to him NOTHING. I just gave him nothing to hold on to. True story! 

Mitch - AZ


Hi there! Wishing you a very happy christmas too! 

Thank you so much for your help, your ideas really managed to open my eyes and to see you from another perspective!!i never used to think of it that way.

I have learned a lot about myself too, and i now know how to speak to him whilst keeping in control of the situation at the same time. 

My ex and i had a long distance relationship and he is flying over to see me here in England to try and sort all this mess out! 

Regards and many thanks 

- Nadia